Why bad things happen to good

Here is the real principle of life: For every area of our life, we have certain set-points.

Why bad things happen to good

Linkedin Comment Ever wondered why bad things happen to good people? It seems unfair to witness kind-hearted, selfless people suffering, and it is human nature for people to ask God why.

So he asked God in Job 3: Why give light to those in grief? But he said that kind of thinking is wrong. You don't need an explanation; you need a Savior.

You don't need an explanation; you need comfort and support," he said. Warren said he has been studying the "why" question for years, and even up to now, he still does not know the answer. He has come to the conclusion that he is never going to know, because he is not God.

Then it's all going to become very, very clear. Only God knows," he said.

Why bad things happen to good

God doesn't have to get your permission before He allows things to happen in life. God is God, and we're not always going to understand why some things happen.

Until then, people have to learn how to trust God. This is one of the many questions we have. Why does this brazen evildoer who cares nothing for God nor for neighbor, who is an unjust person — even mean — and things go well in his whole life, he has everything he wants, while we, who want to do good, have so many problems?

The answer, he said, can be found in Psalm 1, which says: Only adjectives would be used to identify them: But all those who made an effort to go on the way of Lord would carry His name:When Bad Things Happen to Good People Discussion Guide / 4 Chapter 6 God Helps Those Who Stop Hurting Themselves This chapter looks at sympathy, guilt, jealousy and other things that make a bad situation worse.

1. Discuss the meaning and truth behind the title of this chapter. Therefore, when bad things happen, whether they happen to us, to our friends, or to our enemies, they fall outside the scope of our normal daily emotional lives.

The same is true when good things. And so we wonder, why do bad things happen to good people? As Job wades through his despair and listens to the counsel of his friends in chapters , we see that no explanation can be found. Job feels that if he could just find out the answer to “why,” all of his trials would be more tolerable.

However, because we live in an imperfect world, we all deal with good and bad. God is aware of everything that happens and has the ability to take what was intended for evil and use for good.

The evil in this world does not render God powerless. Bad Things Happen to Good People —Why? Since Jehovah God * is the Creator of all things and is almighty, many people may be inclined to hold him responsible for everything that takes place in the world, including all that is bad.

My friends, bad things often happen to good people because of the sins of others. Think of the families who go without food, because their fathers are addicted to gambling, drugs, or alcohol. Think of the innocent who are killed on our highways each year because others were driving drunk.

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