Tyrannical smiles software backup criteria

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Tyrannical smiles software backup criteria

Faced with the pressure of both conducting the duties of any other judge alongside harnessing their growing talent, psi-judges often seem to be highly-strung individuals, possessing a life and humour that would mark any other judge for disciplinary action from his Sector Chief.

However, psi-judges fulfil a vital role within the Justice Department and are relied upon to solve crimes and investigations where traditional law-enforcement methods prove inadequate and thus are afforded a greater deal of latitude in their behaviour.

Game Rule Information Psi-judges have the following game statistics: Psi-judges require the same high and well-rounded ability scores of a street judge, but depend primarily on Charisma to fuel their psitalent. A psi-judge with a low Charisma score will have a very poor psi-talent.

A psi-judge with a high charisma will possess incredible psychic abilities and have few equals on the streets of Mega-City One. Skill Points at 1st Level: Skill Points at Each Additional Level: Class Features The following are all class features of the psi-judge character class: The psi-judge is proficient with all weapons except those listed as exotic.

Whilst devoting much of their training and refresher time to honing their psychic talents, psi-judges still receive a great deal of support from the Justice Department in practising and developing their abilities on the streets.

At 1st level, and every four levels thereafter 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th and 20th levelthe psi-judge receives a bonus General or Judge feat of his choice from the list in Chapter 3: Feats, in addition to feats gained every three levels.

The psi-judge is markedly different from his street judge counterpart in that he has access to incredible psychic powers. Refer to Chapter 7: Psi-Talent for full details on the use of psychic powers.

There is no substitute for experience and the Academy of Law, whilst providing the most realistic training environments possible, is a far cry from the streets.

Having spent time on patrols, the psi- judge gains Streetwise as a class skill at 4th level. A psi-judge who turns his back on the law will be classed as an extreme threat by Justice Central and few resources will be spared in the quest for his capture.

Once under arrest, a psi-judge will likely face the very best minds of Psi-Div who will work hard to eradicate and destroy his talent, before being sent to the penal colony of Titan for a minimum of twenty years hard labour as a broken and shattered individual. There is no such thing as a typical citizen in Mega-City One.

Judges view every one as a potential criminal and it is all too likely that even the most unassuming man or woman will, at some point, break the laws of the city and face incarceration by a judge. Boredom runs at an incredibly high level, and many citizens will turn to crime simply to pass the time as much as for monetary benefit.

Citizens are the most flexible characters in the game of Judge Dredd. Not bound by the strict rules of the Law, a citizen character is free to act as he wishes, so long as the attentions of the judges can be avoided.

Whilst judges often appear as faceless individuals obsessed with the enforcement of the Law, no two citizens are truly alike. Each has his own brand of skills and talents that mark him as unique though all too often such abilities are used for simple greed and personal gain through the pursuit of lawbreaking practices.

Game Rule Information Citizens have the following game statistics: Whilst not as tough or experienced as a judge, citizens are perhaps the most flexible character class in the game of Judge Dredd.

Tyrannical smiles software backup criteria

A player may specialise his citizen character into any number of different areas of expertise, based around his aims in Mega-City One, those of his friends and the equipment and credits he manages to amass.

The ability scores of a citizen are thus dependent on what a player actually intends to do with his character, rather than upon the citizen class itself.

All skills are considered class skills for citizens. Class Features The following are all class features of the citizen character class: The citizen is proficient with all grenade, melee, and pistol weapons.

A full list of weapons may be found in Chapter 4: The citizen begins with prior-life template. This will grant several bonuses to the citizen as he begins exploring Mega-City One.

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However, citizens enjoy a very different life, one filled with leisure, crazes and fulfilment of their own whims and desires. Whilst few actually find employment within Mega-City One, they are nonetheless defined by what they have been up to during their adolescence and early adult life.

Some are loyal citizens who, through misfortune, have been forced to turn to crime, whilst others are seemingly born as perps, destined to forever run afoul of the law.WELCOME! We will begin the discussion of Hard Times on July 6. In the meantime there is some preparation to be done.

First, I would like to make a "Hard Timers" roster for mailing purposes. Goofy smiles and critically engaged frowns appear and disappear in succession.

Tyrannical smiles software backup criteria

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