Tok journal entry

Here is a map of the world from the site http: There are almost 7, living languages in total. Using this map i will be answering the following questions:

Tok journal entry

Do not use notebook paper or a lined composition book. You will value your thoughts more when housed in a permanent binding. Perhaps it will survive for you to reread in later life.

If you read a book, newspaper, or magazine article that triggers an association, describe it in your notebook. If you overhear or participate in a conversation that is intellectually or spiritually stimulating, recount it on paper.

Any thought or insight relevant to ToK is acceptable: The Format of the Journal Entry: Journal entries need not be all narrative. Remember, you are always dealing with problems of knowing.

Five journal entries will be collected at the end of the 7th week of each of the first three nine weeks for a total of 15 entries for the entire year. Since the fourth nine weeks is so filled with senior responsibilities, I will not require a journal submission.

To aid you in selecting topics that beg for journal discussion, I have provided the following suggestions: What were the different definitions and did the people involved finally realize their fallacies? Who has truth and right on their side?

Find related newspaper clippings on both sides of issue. Take your journal to other classes science, history, math, etc. Look for connections or discrepancies between or among disciplines.

Aesthetically what did you find pleasing and why?

Journal Entries

What, to you, is good art, literature, music, architecture, dance, poetry, etc. I do not want to see, however, five entries dated the night before your journal is due. Spread out your entries over the course of the seven-week period. When you write your ToK paper, you may find your journal entries have provided stimulus for further discussion.

Who knows, you may decide to keep a journal after the class concludes merely for pleasure. Many of my former students do just that.The TOK journal Far from being an onerous task, the benefits of getting them to write down their ideas and reflections on a regular basis will help them to master the course, set them up well for the essay and presentation, and may even get them into a habit that lasts a lifetime.

Help Me Think Up TOK Journal Topics watch. Announcements. been lurking the forum for a while now and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what I should write my TOK journals about?

Anglia Ruskin Medicine entry.

Tok journal entry

Started by: Nouf A TOK or Theory of Knowledge journal entry sounds to me like an assignment from an instructor. This instructor will have specific requirements for topics and for number of words. This class isn't required in the United States as far as I know, it. TOK Journal The Theory of Knowledge class should begin you thinking in a slightly different way.

In fact, after you have been taking it for a while, some of your friends may get a little annoyed that you are asking so many questions. TOK Journal entry. Topics: Science, A journal entry is the record of a money related transaction recorded (unaltered) in a journal.

A journal items all the budgetary transactions of a business and which accounts these transactions influence. Dear Lucia the following link is full of examples of ToK links by a students just like you.

I think, instead of giving you just a dry definition, if you see what a fellow student wrote, it will give you a more clear definition: IB ToK Journal.

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