The consequences of crossing the boundary between self concern and being to detriment to those aroun

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The consequences of crossing the boundary between self concern and being to detriment to those aroun

Scott Assistant Professor Lawren ce M. Un da que mi cancin se hizo oleaje Un da que repos en la blanca arena Le d mi corazn y mi coraje Al pueblo y al sentir de la Isla Nena.

Hay una Isla Nena en lontananza. Her stories silenced by cancer ar e not written in history books. Yet they survive in the memory of those she touched and nurtured. To my father and my mother, for keeping the stories alive while weaving new, and for believing in the infi nite possibilities of the real maravilloso even when it might be le ss painful not to believe.

To their combined memories, which I have made mine or that have made me theirs, that I hope to incorporate into my histories. PAGE 5 iii Acknowledgements I owe the completion of this dissertati on to many people who have helped and inspired me throughout my personal and academ ic life, and to the support of different educational institutions.

I was introduced to the world of humanities and Latin American state universities when I entered the History Department of the Un iversity of Puerto Rico.

The intellectual stimulus and friendship I received from prof essors like Mara del Carmen Baerga, Mayra Rosario, Astrid Cubano, Carlos Pabn, Manue l Alvarado and Mara Barcel and staff members like Carmen Gloria Ortiz, Mayr a lvarez, Marie Carmen Ramos and Yilda Luciano encouraged and more than justified my deep love for the institution that not only sparked my intellectual concerns but made me, I think, a more c onscientious citizen.

There I also met three of my dearest friends Lenny, thank you for infusing me with your endless energy and your pass ion for history. Juan, th ank you for your intelligent friendship and for always being there when I need you. Without you two I would not have survived graduate school.

And Yarn, th ank you for a strong friendship that inspires me to be a better person. Once in Ann Arbor, amidst the coldness of its winters, I also experienced the warmth and kindness of many people like Lo rna Altstetter and Sheila Coley who welcomed the three Puerto Ricans to the History Department of The University of Michigan, and of Kathleen King who guided me, always with a smile, through the late PAGE 6 iv dissertation process.

The vibr ant intellectual community helped me to pose myself those hard questions I hope to address with my wor k. Professors like Fernando Coronil, Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof and Rebecca Scott, besides o ffering me their friendship, helped to shape my intellectual concerns and to transform them into this dissertation.

I thank them for their encouragement and guidance throughout this se emingly endless and very rewarding project. I also thank Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes for accepting to be part of my project and for sharing his thoughtful comm ents and wonderful poetry with me.

I feel honored for his generosity. Finally, I wish to thank Jesse in particular for his patience and understanding, and for helping me pull through at some of my worst moments.

For this, I am deeply grateful. The History Department and Rackham Graduate School helped make my dissertation project a reality through their generous fina ncial support. While the librarians and staff at the Centro de Investigaciones Histricas and at the Coleccin Puertorriquea of the University of Puerto Rico a nd the staff at the Museum and Archive Fortn Conde de Mirasol helped make the research proces s a more fruitful and enjoyable experience.

Finally, I want to thank the Viequenses, fo r they are a living example of resistance however contradictory, my family, as extended as it can be, and Anthony, for simultaneously complicating the myths in my life while making the journey infinitely better.

They are my inspiration. The Arrival of the U. Culican ae, Americae Regionis, Descriptio. Vzquez Calzada and the U. This is a history of displacement and militarized imperialism, and an examination of the power of historical narrations in the struggle of colonized peopl es to claim a place of their own.

It is therefore also a study of memory, and of the sy mbolic and material practices that inscribe with local meaning spaces from where to negoti ate collective identities. As a history of longue dure this dissertation is structured thro ugh foundational conjunctures central to the late 20th century Viequense collective memory of themselves as an island-community.

I trace this history through the imagining of Vieques as Isla Nena Girl Islandthe gendered and infantile representation of the island-community.

Kite Runner ~ Khaled Hosseini ~ 4/05 ~ Read Aroun Export

I explore these intersections through an interdisciplinary lens merging hi storical and autobiographical genres meshed through the lives of four Viequense women, of which I am the last generation.

The tracing of my own Viequense genealogy allows an approach to Vieques through multiple narratives, including personal memories and postmemories. This interlacing of narrative s also acknowledges my role as a weaver of historical narratives that bridge the abstract ch aracter of a long history with the intimacy of its ongoing significance for those, like me, w ho are part of this history.

PAGE 13 1 Chapter 1: Alejo Carpentier, Prologue to El reino de este mundo 1 Sometimes, what appears real seems so marvelous as to defy any clear distinctions between what we understand as fiction and reality, as natural and supernatural, as memories and stor ies, or as myths and histories.

Para empezar, la sensacin de lo maravilloso presupone una fe.The Grapes of Wrath is one of those books that for years I'd been embarrassed I hadn't read yet. I was familiar with other works by John Steinbeck, but somehow I hadn't gotten around to this classic of American literature until now/5(K).

Inhabiting Isla Nena, Island narrations, imperial dramas and Vieques, Puerto Rico Item menu. Each one of those aspects has its own forces and objectives but a balance between them must be found in order to integrate sustainability into the reflexion 3.

The consequences of crossing the boundary between self concern and being to detriment to those aroun

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The consequences of crossing the boundary between self concern and being to detriment to those aroun
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