Survival of the fittest english essay

This novel follows Buck through his survival, transformation and his answer to the call of the wild.

Survival of the fittest english essay

People with Sickle cell anemia and blind fish of Death Valley Explanation: People with Sickle cell anemia are the most fit to survive in an environment where malaria is very common. People with no damaged genes for making red blood cells are vulnerable to malaria.

The protozoa that causes malaria hides inside of the red blood cells where the immune system can not attack it. People with one damaged gene for sickle cell anemia have damaged red blood cells that can open up allowing the immune system access to attack the malaria protozoa.

These people will survive a malaria infection so they are more fit than people with undamaged genes. The blind fish of Death Valley are the most fit to survive in an environment of total darkness found in the underground rivers and lakes of Death Valley the blind fish have lost genes needed to make eye tissues.

The Survival WITH THE Fittest

Not having a vulnerable outer eye is an advantage. Normal fish would run into rocks causing bleeding in the damaged eye and possible death. The blind fish can run into rocks without damage to the eye tissue because the outer vulnerable eye tissue is no longer there.

The blind fish are most fit to live in the environment of total darkness These are just two examples of survival of the fittest.Survival of The Fittest The evolution of man as a species can be traced with limited fossil evidence, but the development of the mind takes a different course of investigation.


"Unfortunately, no hominoid fossils- nor such of a fossil chimpanzee- are as yet known for the period between 6 and 13 mya. Feb 14,  · I believe my essay is agreeing with the survival of the fittest but I can't really finish it off. Tell me what u guys think, and I incourage you to be extremely critical, seriously.

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Survival of the Fittest. Mar 24,  · In the current essay we will review the survival of the fitters, different issues and theories connected with it. Survival of the Fittest – is the aphorism, introduced by Herbert Spencer and Darwin said in “Origin of Species” () as the main factor of the theory of natural English Literature.

"Survival of the Fittest" might just as well be the subject of this short story.

Only the strongest will endure is Charles Darwin's theory of "Survival of the Fittest" (Puchalik). History Of Lying down Over Children English Books Essay.

The Relationships Between The Othello Desdemona English Literature Essay.

Survival of the fittest english essay

Franz Liszt and the brand new. Survival of the fittest is a term used hand in hand with that of natural selection.

Some of these traits are inherent, such as knowing that the lion will always eventually catch the gazelle while others can be learned, such as the gazelle being able to outwit the lion.

Survival Of The Fittest Essay Examples. 19 total results. How the Human Race Has Come up with the Criteria for Judging the Sentence or an Organism.

words. 2 pages. An Analysis of the Survival of the Fittest in A Streetcar Named Desire, a Play by Tennessee Williams.

Survival of the fittest english essay

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