Sundays reading writing and arithmetic vinyl decals

The first part of the program starts with special guest poet, Marco Lucchesi, reading a selection from his mathematical hymns, followed by invited poets: The program concludes with an open microphone period where Bridges participants read their own mathematical poems. A pdf file of the program is available here.

Sundays reading writing and arithmetic vinyl decals

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Is that really the case, and if so, why? In reality, tests are inconclusive. Why this is the case has to do with how sound works, and how sound is stored on a computer file. Some Sound About Sound Sound is a wave of pressure in the air.

The frequency of the wave determines the pitch.

sundays reading writing and arithmetic vinyl decals

Imagine that I hold a string between my two hands, and I move my hands so that the string wiggles. This is very analogous to sound.

In fact, the wiggling of strings on string instruments is what causes the sound they make. As more complicated sound is made for instance if I speakthe strength of the pressure changes to control the volume and make a pattern like a word.

The result looks something like this: A single pitch becomes loud, soft, loud, and then soft again. The combination waves like this is called beating. In a real song, there will be many notes at once, and the note will change as the song goes on, so the change of the higher-frequency wiggles will change.

Because the computer can only hold a finite amount of information, some of the waveform is necessarily lost. The computer keeps track of the strength of the pressure at evenly spaced points in time. It estimates the pressure. How good the estimation is is called the resolution.

The number of times the computer measures the strength of the pressure wave is the sampling rate. The original sound wave left is discretized with a low sampling rate middle and a high sampling rate right.

The large blue dots indicate that the computer is not quite sure what the strength of the sound wave is. Vinyl Records Sound is recorded on a vinyl record by copying the shape of the sound wave onto a groove on the record.

Similarly, the sampling rate is determined by the width of the needle that cuts the groove. The needle tip cuts a groove the same width as the tip, and we lose all information about how things change under the needle.

This is a bit surprising. Whether or not space itself has this property is open to debate. The Comparison A vinyl record has a very good resolution and a very high sampling rate. It would take up a lot of computer memory to get the same sound quality. However, we ourselves can only hear so well.

Furthermore, the human ear hears some notes better than others. By not recording those notes, we can reduce the size of an audio file without any obvious change in audio quality. However, to conserve space on hard drives, we often compromise between audio quality and memory usage.

In the end, whether or not a digital file has a lower-quality sound than a vinyl record depends on the person who produced the file. Thanks for the correction, Gregor. Further Reading Skeptoid has an article discussing the comparison between vinyl records and digital files.

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Hands-on involvement of circuit assembly, circuit testing using breadboard to design their circuits, and digital multi-meters to measure voltage, current, and resistance.

sundays reading writing and arithmetic vinyl decals

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