Saputo business and marketing report

Published June 28, Updated May 16, Savvy shoppers know, roughly, the price of staple items that frequently appear in their shopping baskets. Relatively few people, however, commit to memory the net weight of their favourite products. But small changes in the number of sheets in a toilet paper roll, flakes in a cereal box or cheese in a block can add up to hidden price increases, when brands charge the same or similar prices for less volume.

Saputo business and marketing report

The various corporate governance initiatives of the Company are summarized below. Majority Voting Policy The Board believes that each of its members should carry the confidence and support of the shareholders. Therefore, in addition to the individual voting process implemented several years ago, the Board also has a majority voting policy.

Reporting insiders of Saputo Inc., as well as employees who, in the ordinary course of their duties, may have access to material non-disclosed information, are subject to restriction periods relating to the sale or purchase of securities of Saputo. As Saputo noted in its annual report, “We believe in the importance of embracing a global perspective for long-term growth.” 5. Saputo has the capacity for more foreign expansion. Global Dairy Ingredients industry research report starts with an elemental introduction to Dairy Ingredients market along with product definition, product scope, market .

Complaints Processing Procedure The Company has adopted a Complaints Processing Procedure, which allows officers and employees who have any complaint or concern regarding accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters to be reported on a confidential and Saputo business and marketing report basis.

Director Orientation and Training Program The Board considers that orienting and educating new directors, as well as maintaining and continuing the education of current directors, is an important element to ensure responsible corporate governance.

The Board believes that the fact that a director of the Company serves on the board of directors of another company does not necessarily interfere with his or her ability to exercise his or her independent judgement and to act in the best interest of the Company.

However, directors are expected to have sufficient time to devote to their duties as Board members of the Company.

In this regard, the Board has established guidelines on the maximum number of public directorships that directors may hold.

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The Company endorses a balanced representation in terms of director tenure and age, and fostering diversity in this regard in terms of positions of leadership and the nomination of directors.

The compensation policy is designed to be competitive, to stimulate profitable return on investments and long-term growth. Share Ownership Policy for Executive Officers Pursuant to the ownership policy for executive officers adopted by the Board, the Chief Executive Officer shall own a number of shares having a total market value of at least two times his annual base salary; the Chief Financial Officer and the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Company shall own a total market value of at least 1.

Each executive is required to comply with this policy within five years following his or her appointment as an executive officer of the Company. Travelling Guidelines for Key Executives Guidelines preventing key executives from travelling together are in place to ensure management continuity and therefore the successful continuation of the Company in the event of an unexpected event involving the key executives of the Company.

Corporate Disclosure Policy The Audit Committee is responsible for the review of the annual and interim financial statements of the Company and other continuous disclosure documents, such as the Management Proxy Circular, the Annual Information Form and the Annual Report, all of which are approved by the Board before mailing.

The Board is responsible for maintaining a proper communication policy with shareholders, institutional investors and participants in the financial market. In order to maintain high standards regarding disclosure issues, the Board maintains a disclosure policy.

The purpose of the disclosure policy is to ensure that communications to the investing public are timely, consistent and accurate, and that the information is disseminated in compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

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The Disclosure Committee reports to the Audit Committee on a quarterly basis. Reporting insiders of Saputo Inc. The policy divides the services in three categories: Finally, the policy requires that Management presents to the Audit Committee, on a quarterly basis, a statement of the services other than the Audit Services rendered by the external auditors of the Company, as well as any mandate given to other accounting firms.

Policy with Respect to the Hiring of Current and Former Employees of the External Auditors The Company has a hiring policy with respect to current and former partners and employees of the current and former external audit firm of the Company. The objective of the policy is to define the rules applicable to the hiring by the Company of such employees.


Constating Documents To consult the Company's articles, please click here. To consult the Company's by-laws, please click here.The Company operates 47 manufacturing facilities and employs approximately 9, employeesSaputo Cheese G.P.

and Saputo Foods Limited deals with the production, sale and distribution of dairy products, namely cheese, a wide range of fluid milk, cream products, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, soft serve dairy mixes as well as beverages (e.g.: juices) and other food products.

“Saputo, Inc. Company Profile” is a comprehensive report on Saputo, Inc.. The report provides complete information on the operations, organization structure and financial info.

Saputo business and marketing report

Company Profile Saputo produces, markets, and distributes a wide array of dairy products of the utmost quality, including cheese, fluid milk, extended shelf-life milk and cream products, cultured products and dairy ingredients.

OutlineIntroduction2Brief Overview3Dairy Product Sector4Grocery Product SectorRisk of entry by potential competitorsSubstitute Products5Saputo's Bargaining PowerWays that Saputo Competes in the Industry6Application of Cost Leadership and Differentiatio.

The study examined three trade scenarios, estimating losses of $ million, $ million or $ million in U.S. dairy exports per year. This Dairy Ingredients market report provides a detail insight of sales channel, distributors, traders and dealers, sales channel, direct marketing, indirect marketing, marketing channel future trend, distributors, traders and dealers, research findings and conclusion, appendix, methodology, analyst introduction, data source.

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