Principled negotiation essay

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Principled negotiation essay

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One such negotiation was when a rival vendor was trying to sell their new software to our client which they claimed would be doing the same kind of work that we were doing for past few years. When I tried to analyze the whole negotiation process that we went with the end clients and even though we managed to extend the contract, there were a lot of issues that were not par with the 3D negotiation which are as follows: We never considered the No-Deal option.

Principled negotiation essay

Never paid attention to the six basic interpersonal skills that are essential for negotiation. My short term goal of being a technical as well as managerial leader in IT would require me to be a part of similar negotiations that I mentioned above.

Right from extending contracts, to getting funding for maintenance and development of software, getting more business from different set of end clients which might be interested in similar software. Here are some of the important factors that needs to be considered while making these kind of negotiations.

These are the three key area of people that I have to get involved with in-order to start my business successfully. New customers are more interested in creating and claiming value like discounted cash flows, creating relationships, reputation and being fair.

We need to think long term for creating and claiming value as none of the parties should feel that they have been exploited or dealt with unfairly as the reputation would be at stake.


All conflict management processes i. In the process of sharing information, a party seeks to alter the knowledge, attitudes, preferences and strategies of its opponents.

There are some conflicts that I might have to overcome during my business negotiations that can be summed up as: APPRAISAL As a successful negotiator the six basic interpersonal skills are utmost important but initially when I started negotiating in my previous company, I never paid real attention to some of those skills.

The contract extension negotiation example above was finally approved but we had a lot of things that were not correct and that almost cost us the deal. Here are some of the key aspects of that deal: As this was a contract that was being extended every single year, this thing never came to my mind.

The reason we got the extension on the contract was due to some of equally compelling strength that as a negotiator we had and they were as follows: The data showed all the current savings that we were providing to the end clients and this was a major factor that earned us the good point.

If people leave a negotiation with you thinking they never want to see you again, then you are a poor negotiator Good communication to other parties so they understand my top priority A negotiator needs to understand that different issues should be treated as having different priorities in different negotiations.

I had already calculated this before the negotiation started so that I knew what value would affect me as well as the other party. I believe in maintaining relationships and making sure that the other party feels the same way, hence when the other party walks away after the negotiation, they would want to do more business with me going forward.

In Biopharm-Seltek case study, I represented Biopharm and my main goal was to make sure that the other party understood that I was not only interested in their company but was not interested in buying their patent. My Weakness Reasoning Dealing with negative emotions from the other side of the table Are my standards of fairness being violated?

Is the common bias operating about my being cooperative and fair while the other party is hostile and competitive?

Controlling your emotions — commanding reasonable authority, managing your temper, etc. Has something been raised that questions what I tell myself I am or hope to be, such as Am I competent?

Am I a good person? Knowing when to step away from the negotiation table — and being able to really do it No negotiator wants to enter into a poor agreement. I was emotionally drained out to make the other understand the consequence of bankruptcy and helping them more than I should as a result of which I questioned my own self whether I am competent enough.

This to me is a sign of weakness because I let my emotion take over the negotiation process.


In Biopharm-Seltek case study, I was overwhelmed by the negative emotion from the other side as they were not ready to part away with the company without me buying the patent.

It was their major walk away reason for them which I was not able to understand as they were being very hostile without being reasonable.

I still have a hard time to understand that you should never accept a proposal that is worse than your BATNA. PLAN Here are the negotiation skills that I plan on improving and dealing with short term as well as my long term goals: Clarify your own objectives and make sure you understand what your opposite number wants from the deal.GRIN Publishing: academic texts, satisfied authors.

Publish for free & earn money with your thesis, term paper, presentation, essay. negotiation that we often associate with this term. All too often, bluffing, threats, exaggeration, concealment, and outright lies come to mind when we think of negotiations.

Real life business negotiation cases.

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We hope you enjoy learning from both expert and amateur negotiators in our collection of negotiation case studies. The best way to respond to such tricky tactics is to explicitly raise the issue in negotiations, and to engage in principled negotiation to establish procedural ground rules for the negotiation.

Fisher and Ury identify the general types of tricky tactics. Book 6: Negotiation, Transition and Freedom - Chapter 3 - The South African Constitution: Birth Certificate of a Nation by Hassen Ebrahim.

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