Parents should have a license to

Should We License Parents? Many professions require state or federal licensure, including hairdressers, teachers, accountants, and physicians. The main reason we have professional licensure is to protect the clients who seek out the services of these professionals.

Parents should have a license to

Submit Parents need to have a license to have children I am a degree in early childhood education. I have worked in a child care facility for many years.

I have pretty much seen and heard it all. There are parents who will love and care for children the right way. Children die everyday due to lack of parenting.

Some parents are either uneducated or plain stupid. I believe people should have to have a license to have children. We have to obtain a license to drive a car, but it is okay to give birth to another human being. There many children that are abused and neglected, other children are living in orphanages with no families at all to love them.

I understand we are not a communist country and we do not want to be and everyone believes that human rights say everyone is entitled to have a family, but at what price. Children are dieing and being hospitalized. Parents stress out everyday because of work and attending to matters of the home, or their social life, and on top of that children.

If you add unexpected pregnancy to that, it can be a lot for anyone. Having children is a blessing. Children should be cherished and loved and there are some people in our society today who should not have that blessing in their life.

That may sound cruel but it is the truth. I believe that a contraceptive should be made that all girls have to get when they hit puberty.

So people can have sex as much as they want without getting pregnant.

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If some one or a couple wants to have children they will have to obtain a license to have children. They have to go through a background check, drug screening, and go through parenting classes, if they pass they may obtain a license. The contraceptive will then be taken out and they may reproduce.Licensing parents is the latest scheme to have all-knowing, always benevolent state bureaucrats dictate the lifelong relationships of all vulnerable beings.

Should parents need a license to have kids? The blog over at Freakonomics actually put up a poll asking their readers if they think parents should have to get a license to have kids. Only 6% of those who voted thought it was a terrible idea.

Six. No, people should not have to be licensed to be parents. Even if in a perfect world it was possible to scan every single person to determine whether or not they were fit to be parents, that is not plausible, possible, or economical, and it treads on risky moral grounds.

Nov 27,  · Our pro-children words can be translated into pro-children action by licensing parents. A license would set the expectation that children should be competently parented.

Parents would need to show basic competence before they raise their children.

Parents should have a license to

A parent license would define parenthood as a privilege rather than as a right. It would promote parent education. Jan 08,  · Periodically someone comments here that perhaps parenting should require a license, just as it is a requirement for driving a car or, in some places, owning a dog.

A trio of stories in the news this week make that look like a very good idea. First comes word out of Butler County, Kan., of Adam Herrman, an year-old boy who disappeared. Similarly, since people have a right to have children, any attempt to license parents would be unjust.

This is an important objection since many people find it plausible, if not self-evident. However, it is not as convincing as it appears.

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