Nurse practitioners as primary care providers essay

Shaping the Future of Health Care Today, many Americans use Nurse Practitioners NPs for much of their health care needs and NPs are now fully accepted by both health care consumers and most other care providers as a critical component of a modern health care system. Furthermore, expectations are that NPs will become even more crucial to health care delivery as more Americans gain access to broader services through health care reform efforts.

Nurse practitioners as primary care providers essay

The stage is set: As a result, demand for primary care is hitting higher levels, yet fewer physicians are around to provide it. The United States is looking at a shortage of an estimated 20, primary care physicians by Who is going to provide primary care?

The same health care providers that have been dependably providing it for years are set to play a starring role going forward: According to the National Center for Health Workforce Analysis, full deployment of physician assistants and nurse practitioners could slash the primary care physician shortage by two-thirds.

Demand Soars for PAs Demand for physician assistants is already at an all-time high, according to a recent Forbes report. Physician assistants were the fifth most frequently placed health care provider inthe recruiter reported, outpacing several categories of physicians.

Nurse practitioners as primary care providers essay

Fittingly, the PA profession was launched in in response to a shortage of primary care physicians. Since then, many physician assistants have provided medical care in underserved rural areas. More than 90, physician assistants are currently certified in the United States, and nearly a third of them practice in primary care, according to the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

Similar to the physicians they work with, PAs routinely diagnose and treat illnesses, order lab tests and other services, prescribe medications, and provide patient education.


In fact, studies show that physician assistants perform around 85 percent of the same duties performed by physicians. Having physician assistants in the office increases accessibility to primary care.

In a recent AAPA poll, 92 percent of more than patients who had seen a PA in the previous year said it was easier to get an appointment because the practice employed a physician assistant, and 93 percent agreed that PAs are trusted health care providers.

In addition, 93 percent noted that PAs will be part of the solution to address the shortage of health care providers in coming years.Advanced Practice Nurses as Primary Care Providers Advanced Practice Nurses are Registered Nurses who hold a masters or doctoral degree with a specialization from area of advanced nursing and they have supervised practice during graduate education, and have ongoing clinical experiences.

Nurse Practitioners as Primary Care Providers Essay - Nurse Practitioners as Primary Care Providers Every individual in the world deserves to enjoy health and wellness.

Maintaining or achieving proper health needs enables individuals to be productive at work and leisure.

Nurse practitioners as primary care providers essay

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Researched and Written by Timothy M. Silver “I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America. Free Essay: Nurse Practitioners as Primary Care Providers Every individual in the world deserves to enjoy health and wellness. Maintaining or achieving.

The Family Nurse Practitioner specialty prepares advanced practice nurses to be primary health care providers for individuals of all ages and their families.

Family Nurse Practitioner’s Role in Primary Care