Methods of attribution

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Methods of attribution

A subzone operator must attribute the source of each final product. The operator is limited in this regard to feedstocks which were eligible for attribution during the current or prior manufacturing period.

Attribution of final products is allowable to the extent that the quantity of such products could have been produced from such feedstocksusing the industry standards of potential production on a practical operating basis, as published in T. Once attribution is made for a particular product, that attribution is binding.

Subsequent attributions of feedstock to product must take prior attributions into account. Each refiner shall keep records showing each attribution. The industry standards of potential production on a practical operating basis necessary for the producibility attribution method are contained in tables published in T.

With these tables, a subzone operator may attribute final products consumed in, or removed from, the subzone to feedstocks during the current or a prior manufacturing period.

The DirectorORA, shall either approve or deny the request. If an operator elects to show attribution on a producibility basis, but fails to keep records on that basis, the operator shall use its actual operating records to determine attribution and any necessary relative value calculation upon the Customs Service demand and subject to verification.

The operator must use its actual production records for the requested feedstock-final product combination. The operator must agree in writing that it will not, and it will not enable any other personto file a drawback claim under 19 U.

The operator shall file its request in accordance with paragraph a 3 of this section. If a final product is attributed to the separation of a privileged foreign feedstock a relative value must be assigned see section IV of the appendix to this part.

An operator may use the actual refinery operating records to attribute the feedstocks used to the removed or consumed products. Customs shall accept the operator 's operating conventions to the extent that the operator demonstrates that it actually uses these conventions in its refinery operations.

Whatever conventions are elected by the operatorthey must be used consistently in order to be acceptable to Customs. Additionally, Customs may use these records to test the validity of admissions into the subzoneconsumption within and removals from the subzone. If the operator mixes three equal quantities of material in a day tank and treats that product as a three-part mixture in its production unit, Customs will accept the resulting product as composed of the three materials.

3 Challenges Of Attribution Modeling: The Bad, The Bad And The Ugly - Marketing Land

If, in the alternative, the operator assumes that the three products do not mix and treats the first product as being composed of the first material put into the day tank, the second product as composed of the second material put into the day tank, and the third product as being composed of the third material put into the day tank, Customs will accept that convention also.

It is not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date, though we do refresh the database weekly. More limitations on accuracy are described at the GPO site.This document first reviews the classic attribution approaches of Brinson, Hood, and Beebower and Brinson and Fachler, the principles upon which today's performance attribution methodologies are founded.

The next sections present three attribution approaches: top-down, bottom-up, and three-factor. 3 Challenges Of Attribution Modeling: The Bad, The Bad And The Ugly Any method of attribution has its strengths and drawbacks.

Performance attribution, profit attribution, or investment performance attribution is a set of techniques that performance analysts use to explain why a portfolio's performance differed from the benchmark. This difference between the portfolio return and the benchmark return is known as the active return.

strate “last-click” attribution, which is the most common method of allocating credit to a distinct marketing referral. In this example, the customer path to purchase resulted in exposure to four distinct Attribution Methods and Models: A Marketer s Framework. To accurately measure and attribute the interactions (for example, installs and in-app events) that a user takes with your mobile app, Attribution Analytics uses four different types of attribution methods: The table below shows the four attribution methods and the circumstances under which you.

Methods of attribution

Attribution is the key method contributing to sound comparative performance reporting of the cost effectiveness part of the equation.

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