Kindness a personal experience essay

I was going through her grade book and saw that her teacher had graded this essay and posted comments about her writing.

Kindness a personal experience essay

Kindness is the universal language that is comprehended beyond the boundaries. Each and every individual understands and speaks this language. An act of kindness never goes futile. If you are kind to someone it will reflect in your and his behaviour. Being kind to others instils a positive feeling and makes this world a better place to live.

Kindness is one of the seven virtues.

Actively Changing Lives

It can be defined as the righteous and caring attitude towards other. But the definition of the kindness does not limit to these two words only. Kindness is a complex term to comprehend yet simplest to realise. Showing kindness towards others gives a feeling of joy and mirth to the recipient.

The doer is also satiated by the feeling of warmth and compassion. Kindness is the basic driving force of the nature. The nature is so kind to us that it helps in flourishing the civilizations. The rising sun and the wandering clouds are all the miracles of nature only.

Though, the perspective completely changes with the scientific reasoning, yet everyone agrees that the whole cosmos conspires to sustain life and hope.

Kindness is taught by every religion. Be it Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism or Islam or any other religion to name, all teach to express kindness towards others.

The term is not only restricted to human implementation. But cruelty against all the living creatures is a sin.

Even the mute animals wave their tail as a return gesture to kindness shown to them.

Kindness a personal experience essay

Similar response is shown by plants. They grow large and bear fruits as a response to the kind behaviour of their care taker. Nature has own ways of expressing gratitude and kindness. Kindness is not a virtue to be adopted or showcased in specific situations.

Rather, it should be imbibed as the basic behavioural attribute by the human beings. Kindness is not only a religious virtue.In honor of my daughter’s 15th birthday, I would like to repost an essay she wrote last year about kindness. Keri is one of the kindest people I know, and I am so grateful she is my daughter.

“Kindness is like a spark from a match that creates a forest fire. The forest is a forest of anger. Magazine/Journal article Kindness -- Personal narratives Kindness -- Appreciation Widows -- Influence Widows -- Appreciation Personal narratives Appreciation Influence Philosophy and religion A lesson in human kindness.(Viewpoint essay) - Version details - Trove.

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This is a charitable deed, which I hope every citizen can adopt. Affiliate. without imposing my personal judgments. Structure of the definition essay kindness personal memoir essay topics essay end of life experiences death the beach essay nature essay study in university grants commission?

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I was going through her grade book and saw that her teacher had graded this essay and posted comments about her writing. Example essay report sport day essay about metal video games the dream city essay novel what i believe essay examples journalism (allen craig essays) creative short story writing kindness personal experience narrative essay zapatos a essay on judgement qualitative research.

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