Industrial disputes in garments

The area already houses 60 firms. The economic free zone is an important pillar in the trade with Yemen. Construction of the first phase of the three-million-square-meter free trade zone is already in progress since June Al Mazunah Free Trade Zone in south Oman Golden Hala Company constructs the road network, Free Trade Zone office and administrative buildings together with power and water utilities and drainage, sewage services.

Industrial disputes in garments

World University of Bangladesh Introduction: In recent years, labor unrest in textile sector of Bangladesh has been a matter of serious concern.

The RMG industry of Bangladesh started its modest journey in late s and within three decades, it has been a flourishing sector. Contribution of the RMG sector in national economy is great.

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It is the highest foreign exchange earning sector. As garment industry is a leading sector in Bangladesh economy and labor unrest is a burning issue at present.

Problems surrounding Ready Made Garments sector: Acute shortage of power and gas, political instability, frequent hartals strikespoor port facility often hamper the production and export. Surpassing all these, labor unrest has become a chronic disease in this sector. At present, labor unrest has been labeled as a conflict of interest between the owners and workers.

Generally labor unrest emerges when workers come to the street demanding some facilities financial or other which the owners are not ready to provide. Sometimes some rumors spread unrest among the labors. Conspiracy of home and abroad is also responsible.

Industrial Dispute in India: Definition, Causes and Measures to Improve Industrial Relations

Sometimes it is found that workers of a factory attack intentionally another factory to damage the factory or hampers its growth as there is competition among the factories.

Some NGOs financed by foreign donors are blamed to instigate the garment labors regarding their rights and privileges. The actual causes of labor unrest must be addressed and proper action must be taken to solve this problem.

Government, owners and workers have to work hand to hand to come out the situation. Labor-force is an important input in industrial production and this is truer in garment industry of Bangladesh.

Industrial disputes in garments

Mechanization and automation have not diminished the role of human element in industrial establishments. In fact, the role of workforce has become highly critical in garment industry.

Nor have the economic reforms belittled the significance of labor. Human resource is taken to be an important factor to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce costs; all necessary to survive in the competitive world.

But the basic needs of the labor force must be mitigated. The socio-economic condition of labor force of RMG industry of Bangladesh, in no way, can be said well. As most of them are uneducated and unskilled, they get very poor salary in contrast to everincreasing expense of livelihood.

Industrial disputes in garments

Very often they do not get their salary, bonus and overtime bills in time. In many factories they are forced tow long work hours in unhygienic condition. Maltreatment by the mid-level officers is their common fate.

In such a situation, they come to the street to raise their voice and involve themselves in vandalism and rampage. Despite having a significant achievement in national economy, labor unrest in this sector is diminishing all its credit.

Introduction: A unified Thai kingdom was established in the midth century. Known as Siam until , Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country never to have been taken over by a European power. RMGs are the finished textile product from clothing factories and the Bangladeshi RMG sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Bangladeshi economy, with a growth rate of 55% from to Exports of textiles, clothing, and ready-made garments (RMG) accounted for 77% of Bangladesh's total merchandise exports in By the (RMG) industry was the only multibillion-dollar. Industrial Disputes: Its Causes with Special Reference to Maruti Suzuki India Dr. Reeta1, Dr. R. Prabhakar Rao2 leading to the disputes and can be classified under various headings. The building of a strong nation is dependent Industrial disputes not only arise.

In order to survive in the quota-free competitive international market, addressing labor unrest has been a crying need. Labor unrest is a term used by employers or those generally in the business community to describe organizing and strike actions undertaken by labor unions, especially where labor disputes become violent or where industrial actions in which members of a workforce obstruct the normal process of business.

Labor-force is an important element in economic activities. Labor unrest occurs when the labor-force is aggrieved with some decisions of the authority or their demands are not fulfilled, they organize themselves, come out to the street to protest the decision of the authority or pressurize the authority to fulfill their demand.

Sometimes, they engage themselves in violence and vandalism.Sheet17 SIC Link Alternate Title Green Skills Green Occupations Trades Notes Tasks Descriptors Specialisations Occupations Unit Groups Minor Groups Sub Major Groups.

The Ready Made Garments of Bangladesh at present occupy a rigid position in the national economy of Bangladesh.

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The sector has emerged with silent revolution, contributing economic development such as creating enormous employment, strengthening national GDP, decreasing child marriage, self- development through empowering women specially for the less privileged women.

Preventing Industrial Disputes It is the general experience that in order to develop healthy industrial relations, there should be a well defined grievance procedure.

Furthermore, grievance officers should be men of character and status so that they can handle the complaints and grievance.5/5(1). Openness to, and Restrictions Upon, Foreign Investment. Positive Trends for Investment. With the end to Sri Lanka's long-running civil war, the country has an historic opportunity to take advantage of its peacetime stability, geography, educated workforce, and scenic beauty.

Industrial Disputes Industrial disputes are conflicts, disorder or unrest arising between workers and employers on any ground. Such disputes finally result in strikes, lockouts and mass refusal of employees to work in the organization until the dispute is resolved.

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