Fractal research paper

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Fractal research paper

Discussion with Reviewers Introduction Despite remarkable technological successes, everyone who teaches introductory university physics science courses is aware how patchy our understanding of contemporary physics and science is in general.

Moreover, while our data production is growing exponentially, we cannot claim an exponential progress in our understanding of nature.

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, an international, peer-reviewed Open Access journal. The Fractal Foundation is honored to have been invited back for yet another year of fractal outreach activities at Sky City Community School out in the beautiful fractal . Memory Ageing and Cognition Centre (MACC) $6mil Centre Grant over 4 years (), funded by National Medical Research Council $mil Centre Grant over 4 years (), funded by National Medical Research Council.

The progress seems rather slow in classical fluid and practical water engineering, due to the simple fact that we mostly teach engineers to use rather conventional mathematical approximations Constantin and Foias,even though there exists much more potent, and well established, mathematical approaches.

In this brief paper we outline a more appropriate approach to water and related fluids by using fractal mathematics Mandelbrot, in the context of fluid engineering. Such an approach could gradually enable numerous, useful engineering applications, specially in the Fractal research paper pump development and related environment friendly technologies.

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Discussion It was recognized already in the s that spiral motion is a basic form of the motion of water in nature, and that was later the basis for some nature-friendly technologies Bartholomew The combined spiral and chaotic motions produce the so-called vortex see Fig.

An actual vortex can be observed as the bathwater goes down the plughole. The Coriolis Effect determines the rotation direction of spiraling water's vortex motion. The reason for this type of motion is that water always tries to follow the path of least resistance rather than the shortest straight path.

The vortex forms as a result of acting gravitational and Coriolis fields and enables water to reduce flow resistance by curving inwards. In such a way any resistance caused by usual straight motion disappears. - Home Page

As water implodes in the vortex, the matter at the exterior of the vortex moves more slowly than in the center and that causes the emergence of a strong centripetal force.

The suction process that causes matter to move inwards is called implosion. The implosion vortex motion causes the increase in density, the pressure and the flow speed, a temperature drop and a reduction of frictional resistance.

Schematic illustration of the water vortex. In the implosion process the centripetal form of motion dominates. This type of matter motion results in cooling, structuring and condensing.

Therefore in the implosion water vortex system Fig. Higher structured liquid water is nothing else than the ensemble of water clusters which consist of more than one water molecule.

Fractal research paper

Such clusters can be observed whenever irregular water molecules build higher order systems. Different polygonal water structures clusters were reported by Jhon There are hexagonal hook-shape, hexagonal chain-shape and pentagonal hook-shape.

The water molecules do not exist separately in the water system, but rather as a cluster of molecules. Water clusters held together by many hydrogen bonds have lower molecular density and are favored at lower temperatures and pressures Chaplin, Fractal mass dimension in science research paper finalists out the fermi paradox: revisiting pollock's drip paintings.

Research, multi-fractal structure using arousal-valence model of the functional morphology of chaos. Artemis Capital Management L.P. is an investment, research, and technology firm that seeks to transform stock market volatility into opportunity for our clients.

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Papers on Fractal Geometry and Complex Bases William J. Gilbert W.J. Gilbert and R. James Green, Negative Based Number Systems, Math. Mag. 52 (), The Fractal Foundation is honored to have been invited back for yet another year of fractal outreach activities at Sky City Community School out in the beautiful fractal .

Babita Harchandra et al Design and Analysis of Circular Fractal Array based Micro-strip Patch Antenna for Microwave Applications.

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