Emperor claudius

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Emperor claudius

Brittanicus soon died under dubious circumstances, and in 59, after a failed plot to drown her in a collapsible boat, Nero had Agrippina stabbed to death in her villa.

The empress Octavia was exiled and executed, and in 62 Nero and Poppaea were married. At private events Emperor claudius in 59, he sang and performed on the lyre and encouraged members of the upper classes to take dancing lessons.

He ordered public games to be held every five years in Rome and trained as an athlete himself, competing as a charioteer. His most lasting artistic legacy, though, was his re-creation of Rome following the fire that destroyed most of the city. Early in the morning of June 19, 64 a blaze broke Emperor claudius in the shops around the Circus Maximus and quickly spread throughout the city.

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Whatever responsibility he actually bore for the disaster, Nero deflected attention by blaming members of the fledgling Christian religion for the fire.

He ordered all manner of creative and brutal persecutions: At its center he commissioned a foot-tall bronze statue of himself, the Colossus Neronis. Reconstruction costs in Rome, revolts in Britain and Judea, conflicts with Parthia and rebuilding expenses in the capital forced him to devalue the imperial currency, lowering the silver content of the denarius by 10 percent.

In 65 a high-level conspiracy to assassinate the emperor emerged, leading Nero to order the deaths of a prefect and several senators and officers.

Emperor claudius

With things falling apart at home, Nero took an extended tour of Greece, where he gave himself to music and theatrical performance, drove a chariot in the Olympic games, announced pro-Hellenic political reforms and launched an expensive and futile project to dig a canal across the Isthmus of Corinth.

Upon his return to Rome in 68, Nero failed to respond decisively to a revolt in Gaul, prompting further unrest in Africa and in Spain, where the governor Galba declared himself legate of the Senate and Roman People. Soon the Praetorian Guard declared allegiance to Galba, and the Senate followed suit, declaring Nero an enemy of the people.

Nero attempted to flee, but upon learning that his arrest and execution were imminent, he took his own life. In the short term, his demise marked the end of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty, which had ruled Rome since 27 B.

It would be 30 years before Rome had another emperor, Trajan, who would rule as long as Nero had. Start your free trial today.Claudius Gothicus (Latin: Marcus Aurelius Valerius Claudius Augustus; May 10, – January ), also known as Claudius II, was Roman emperor from to During his reign he fought successfully against the Alemanni and scored a victory against the Goths at the Battle of Naissus.

Early life. The son of Nero Claudius Drusus, a popular and successful Roman general, and the younger Antonia, he was the nephew of the emperor Tiberius and a grandson of Livia Drusilla, the wife of the emperor initiativeblog.com health, unattractive appearance, clumsiness of manner, and coarseness of taste did not recommend him for a public life.

Emperor claudius

Claudius, in full Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, original name (until 41 ce) Tiberius Claudius Nero Germanicus, (born August 1, 10 bce, Lugdunum [Lyon], Gaul—died October 13, 54 ce), Roman emperor (41–54 ce), who extended Roman rule in North Africa and made Britain a province.

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Emperor Claudius: Born Tiberius Claudius Drusus, 1 August 10BC. A 'Good Apple Claudian'. Later Tiberius Claudius Nero Germanicus (God). Died 13 October AD 4 . Disfigured, awkward and clumsy, Claudius (10 BC – 54 AD / Reigned 41 – 54 AD) was the black sheep of his family and an unlikely emperor.

Once in place, he was fairly successful, but his poor. Nero (A.D. ) became emperor of the Roman Empire after the death of his adopted father, the Emperor Claudius, in A.D. The last .

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