Dreamstorming writing a book

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Far too long, actually.

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More than two years. My wife noticed that. Just bits and bobs that are caught in my head after writing certain points that made me ask myself why my main character is doing this or that or why the world is a certain way.

And sit some more. For probably a good two months, to be honest, so I have enough separation to look at it with fresh eyes before I get into the next part… All of the editing.

Anyway, a long story short, those edits will go on and on for a while, through my critique group, any possible agent, an editor, and beyond.

One step at a time, though, which brings me back to the travel blog.

dreamstorming writing a book

As I near the point of letting the novel sit, I want to fill my time writing about something else. So, yeah, here it is: Thus me and my wife. And so, what does a wedding mean? We headed over to the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kauai.

dreamstorming writing a book

It was the last of the islands I had to visit. There are a lot of amazing things to experience in western New York — especially the food. I suppose I should also point out that my URL has changed.

The previous address had been a. That lapsed, picked up by some spam site, and has now been replaced by. Either way, welcome and thanks for visiting!Writing; Productivity; Spiritual; DreamStorming™ Workshop This intense three-day workshop will walk you through a proven process (DreamStorming™) that helps you discover your Life Message, articulate it, and capture it in a book.

This sets you on a journey to turn your Life Message into your Life Work. Handpainted Cabinet cards (ss) by Alex Gross. It takes sheer effort to create thoughts and ideas.

In fact, the attempt to be creative and original can be exhausting and result in things like “writer’s block”, frustration and “hitting a wall”. A Monthly Calendar View Page & Blank Pages for Dreaming and Planning At the end of every month, I added three double-wide pages.

One is a monthly view page with a calendar layout for planning my projects, client plans, appointments and being able to see things in a slightly different layout. An amazing book--written with a style directly to the reader. Informative, understanding, and directive. The concept of writing from a place where you "dream", is a way to apply character to movement moment by moment writing.

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In this book, Carlson walks us through his writing process, which culminates in his polished short story, “The Governor’s Ball.” One of my favorite moments in the book comes when Carlson discusses writing as an inherently creative and imaginative activity.

Tapping Unconscious Creativity—by K.M. Weiland – Elizabeth Spann Craig