Dfe business plan 2011

Determine the feasibility of an alternatives assessment To determine the need for and potential benefits of an alternatives assessment, DfE considers whether alternatives: Stakeholder interest is also a key consideration. Collect Information on chemical alternatives To develop a better understanding of the potentially problematic chemical and potential alternatives, DfE considers how well-characterized the possible alternatives are; the chemical manufacturing process; the range of functional uses that the chemical serves; and the feedstock or contaminants and residuals from the production process. DfE also considers the work of other organizations in exploring alternatives for the potentially problematic chemical, similar chemicals and functional uses.

Dfe business plan 2011

At least two 'Images' must be selected. The governing body There is ongoing debate around how the role of governors should evolve: The key themes are a smaller, more strategic and skills-focused governing body, with less regulation and a definition of purpose more aligned to the current educational landscape.

We all know what good governance looks like. Smaller governing bodies, where people are there dfe business plan 2011 they have a skill, not because they represent some political constituency.

They concentrate on the essentials such as leadership, standards, teaching and behaviour. Support for academy and school governors The College has a network of peer support for academy and school governors. Dedicated support can be accessed through the National leaders of governance web pages.

dfe business plan 2011

Roles and responsibilities of governors In an academy, the trust governors have a role more akin to that of non-executive directors of a company. When converting to academy status and considering how to structure your governing and trust bodies, there are a few options: In a flat structure, all the eligible governors of the original school become members of the academy trust.

The schools that converted early in the process often took this route, but it is being increasingly seen as cumbersome and ineffective. It is not set in stone and can be changed with the necessary legal support and advice.

A streamlined structure is where the academy trust comprises fewer members than the number of governors on the individual academy governing body. The stakeholder model has elected representatives from groups with an interest in the school.

In the video 'How does governance work in your model? Governance in our model is based on autonomy really. So there is an educationalist who is not paid and is retired. We have five gaps as well for other schools that come on.

So other schools that come on to our Academy Trust they will have a representative in the Board of Directors.

So the idea is that that Board of Directors will sit there, custodians of the ethos, and then devolve all the power and all the decision making to the local governing bodies.

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So all the schools will still function as they always did with their governing bodies and then a representative on the Trust of Directors from that governing body. What we are there to do is to help them do that. When we converted, our governors were asked the question if they wanted to continue as governors under the auspices of the new Academy.

And all of them wanted to continue. And while it might have been an opportunity to have pruned our Board a little because we have 22 members of our governing body, the decision was made that if they wanted to be a part of it then they would be a part of it.

So we transferred our governing body members straight over to the new Board. Obviously we had to change one or two titles but nevertheless they all moved over. And we retained our old committee structure which is the traditional one with a Finance Committee, Staffing Committee, Curriculum Committee.

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So the Chairs of those committees remained the same. The Chair of Governors stayed the same person. So it will be smaller. And that will be formed of just eight people.

The governance at Chafford Hundred was always quite a small governing body anyway. I very much believe in that. The schools really did fit.


Chafford is a business and enterprise college. And that was total transparency with governors. Being very open with them, being very forthcoming with information.

Business Plan Department for Education May This plan will be updated annually Contents: Section A: Vision Section B: Coalition Priorities Dramatically reduce the volume of DfE guidance for schools vi. Identify further burdens, data collections and legislative requirements for removal as. Early years includes 3- and 4-year-olds benefiting from some funded early education at a setting rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted. Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan For calendar plan year or fiscal plan year beginning and ending A This return/report is for: X a multiemployer plan; X a multiple signed by the plan actuary (5) X D (DFE/Participating Plan Information) (6) X G .

But also as much opportunity as we possibly can to get the governors involved in the school. Especially at the accountability level. We have something called self-evaluation days with governors.Early years includes 3- and 4-year-olds benefiting from some funded early education at a setting rated ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted.

What is an alternatives assessment? EPA uses alternatives assessments to look for safer chemicals.

dfe business plan 2011

Design for the Environment (DfE) alternatives assessments are conducted as risk management actions when warranted for TSCA Work Plan initiativeblog.com have also been conducted under Chemical Action initiativeblog.com identifying and evaluating the safety of alternative chemicals, this approach can.

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DEPARTMENT FOR EDUCATION Business Plan Department for Education May This plan will be updated annually Contents: Section A: Vision. The content of this website can be accessed, printed and downloaded in an unaltered form, on a temporary basis, for personal study or reference purposes.

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