Chapter1 cisco

MX — mail exchange record 5. Which phrase describes an FTP daemon? Which two actions are taken by SMTP if the destination email server is busy when email messages are sent? SMTP periodically checks the queue for messages and attempts to send them again 2.

Chapter1 cisco

In newer operating systems, how are system resources assigned by default when components are installed? All other PC functions are working properly. What are three things a service technician should do to solve the problem?

Use the testing functionality on the peripheral itself, if available. Verify that all cables are connected properly. Disconnect all cables connected to the computer except those connected to the peripheral.

Ensure that the peripheral is powered on. Disconnect the peripheral and verify that the computer is operating normally. Reload the computer operating system. Which two steps should be performed when installing a peripheral device? Download and install the most current driver.

Connect the peripheral using any cable and any available port on the computer. Connect the peripheral using an appropriate cable or wireless connection.

Chapter1 cisco

Test the peripheral on another machine before installing it on the one where it will be used. Check the computer documentation to see if the peripheral vendor is compatible with the PC vendor.

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How is a server different from a workstation computer? The server works as a standalone computer. The server provides services to clients. The workstation has fewer applications installed. The workstation has more users who attach to it. Administrators at a multicampus college need access to their schedules wherever the administrators go.

Which computing device would be the most appropriate?Cisco IOS Software Release Feature Sets The Cisco uBR cable access router supports a number of feature sets.

Each feature set contains features that provide a specific functionality, such as firewall or advanced encryption.

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A company is contemplating whether to use a client/server or a peer-to-peer network/5(13). The split-MAC architecture allows the splitting of protocol packets between the Cisco LWAPP-based AP, which handles real-time portions of the protocol, and the WLAN controller, which handles those items that are not time sensitive.

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