Avatar a revolt against industrialization

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Avatar a revolt against industrialization

It does sound like the Asian mythological and cultural inspirations are being toned down a lot. Ridiculous, particularly since all those inspirations are a big part of why A: Fantasy-China is an incredibly refreshing setting in Western media.

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Yes, I know Jade Empire did it as well. Jade Empire was also awesome.

Avatar a revolt against industrialization

Even the name of the city makes me wonder. A republic is a thoroughly Western political concept, and compare it to the names of all the major cities in A: Omashu and Ba Sing Se did not have Western sounding names.

I'm not entirely sure I agree with this. While you make good points, one of the really neat things about the Avatarverse is that, unlike many other fantasy worlds, it isn't static; technology advances, cultures change, etc.

And as Q99 noted, the steampunk stuff has always been a big part of the show I imagine that the juxtaposition between steampunk and East Asian mysticism are another reason for the show's appealso of course it will be a big thing 70 years later.

As for ant-Bending, I agree that it could be irritating, but as long as it's kept low-key it shouldn't be too big of a deal, especially since it makes a certain kind of sense. Which means that Benders will become a minority that holds quite a bit of power, which will fuel resentment.

I imagine that it would strive to create a seperate identity for itslef, different from either of its forebears, and that may come into it as well.

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To be honest, the premise of A:AVATAR – A REVOLT AGAINST INDUSTRIALIZATION Dayna Morris Critical Reading and Writing COMM, Section , EL21 March 1, James Cameron’s masterpiece, “Avatar,” takes the audience on a far away journey to the distant planet of Pandora to tell a futuristic story of industrialization.

Powerless against the might of the Avatar, the king complied and gave in to Kyoshi's request. Kyoshi immediately began to train an elite force of earthbenders in the art of stealth, silence, and precision, a group that would later be known as the Dai Li.

[1]Next: Hundred Year War, Conspiracy of Ba Sing Se. Fire Lord Ozai is the bigger bad of the first 2 Seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the main antagonist of Season 3.

He is the overall main antagonist of the entire series due to being in control of the Fire Nation and being the father of Prince Zuko and Azula.

In the late nineteenth century, Symbolism gave rise to the bizarre and baroque imaginings of artists in revolt against a world dehumanized by technology and hurtling toward war.

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Today’s New Symbolist moment carries intriguing similarities. A warrior kills because he is convinced that his cause is more important than his enemy’s life, and Ted’s cause--disclosed in his published manifesto--is a revolt against industrialization and the servitude that technology induces.

Major imperialistic themes found in Avatar (), which greatly influences the narrative of the film, are industrialization, expansionism, and racism, or in the film's case, speciesism, coupled with .

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