An analysis of cyber crimes and its abundance in the internet

Exercise increased caution due to crime and terrorism.

An analysis of cyber crimes and its abundance in the internet

Violence and gore — movies that contain excessive amounts of violence and gore 4. Kai Jie 4 5 6 7 2nd Speaker: Anton 1 2 3 3rd Speaker: Jared 8 9 Reply Speaker: Anton Defining the motion First, i will be defining the motion.

We feel that the definition of the motion is that the internet has many opportunities for people to come across pictures, videos, people-to-people interaction, and so on and so forth, that may cause future harm not only to the person himself, but also to the people around him.

This is so much to the point that there are more negative than positive effects of using the internet. As for our roles, i will be speaking about cyber bullying, leaking of personal information, false information and viral websites or virus that kill computers.

The growing phenomenon of crime and the internet: A cybercrime execution and analysis model Common examples of cyber related crimes can be demonstrated by such offences as fraud, identity theft and theft of Intellectual Property Rights. is to demonstrate the opportunities to law enforcement when investigating the cyber criminal by. Combating Cyber Crime Today’s world is more interconnected than ever before. Yet, for all its advantages, increased connectivity brings increased risk of theft, fraud, and abuse. Placing a suspect at the scene of a crime is an important element in criminal investigation. This can be achieved through the location of textile fibers similar to those from the victim’s.

The first reason why i feel that the internet does more harm than good is because there is a lot of cyber bullying going on on the internet.

So what is cyber bullying? Cyberbullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person. By definition, it occurs among young people.

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When an adult is involved, it may meet the definition of cyber-harassment or cyber-stalking, a crime that can have legal consequences and involve jail time. Sometimes cyberbullying can be easy to spot — for example, if you receive a text message, tweet, or response to a status update on Facebook that is harsh, mean, or cruel.

As a result, we can see that the internet brings much harm because of the evident abundance of cyber bullying going around on the internet. The second reason why we agree with the motion that the internet does more harm than good is because some sites allow conmen to trick people into giving them their personal information such as telephone numbers, house address, IC, and even bank account number, etc.

Some websites store information. Some ask us to fill in information which can be sold to other sites for commercial purposes. As the Internet gains more and more users the temptation for criminals to gain our private information becomes greater.

Hackers can hide their true location when engaging in illegal activities online, so the likelihood of their being brought to justice is low.

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Whenever people post something online, it becomes almost impossible to erase, and with the proliferation of social networks posting personal information online is becoming second nature, this is a dangerous precedent.

With the aid of the Internet then, we are symbolically sleepwalking into a big brother style existence, in an information age all data about ourselves is an important asset and one which needs defending.

The infringement and degradation of our privacy as a side-result of the Internet should be of great concern, and it is potentially one of the most detrimental effects the Internet could have on society.

The third reason why we agree with the motion that the internet does more harm than good is because the Internet has become a major source of information for many people. However, online information has usually not gone through the same checks as newspaper articles, books or factual television programming.

There is a higher risk that some of the facts or quotations from a particular source in an article are false. If people base their opinions on the information they find online, they could well be basing their opinion on false information. Since the Internet gives equal space to material of greatly varying quality, the degree to which the internet can been viewed as being a total force for good is drawn into question.

If an informed society is an empowered society it therefore stands to reason that a misinformed society is disempowered society, and thus showing that the internet does more harm than good.

Take for example the conspiracy film Loose Change which has had millions of views. If an informed society is an empowered society it therefore stands to reason that a misinformed society is disempowered society.

This sort of information would not usually be widely published via offline channels, but with the advent of the Internet it is very easily accessible by anyone like never before, and this is a dangerous president. A cavalcade of propaganda from extremist groups such as religious zealots or Neo-Nazis for example can be accessed by anyone around the world.

This is dangerous as vulnerable people could easily be taken in and exploited if the discovered this material. But it is not only terrorists who are utilizing the Internet at a detriment to society. Various reports have linked a sharp rise in paedophilia with the growth of the Internet as it is an easy and often anonymous way to share such material with the world.

The ability for anyone to publish anything online could clearly do considerable harm to society, which would have otherwise been much less prevalent and easier to control and regulate. Points 1,2 and 3 Point 1: Pornography is abundant on the internet.

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There are many websites that contain inappropriate sexual content, especially for children and teenagers. Pornography can even be found on sites that people frequent, such as youtube.

Pornography can come in several forms, the most common one being two people of the opposite gender inappropriately making love in a certain manner rather explicitly.

Pornography even comes in the form of gays and lesbians making love, and this is of the more extreme side of pornography.

We would say that pornography is not good for viewers because firstly, it manipulates the true meaning of people, man or woman, in the pornographic videos, so people may view these men or women as ornaments rather than human beings. Secondly, the viewing of pornography may encourage the viewers to partake in sexual crimes in their future in order to satisfy their accumulated sexual desires and lust from watching pornography, leading to rapists and sexual offenders, and thus a higher crime rate.Greek and Spanish authorities, supported by Europol and Eurojust, have dismantled an international criminal network suspected of having smuggled over 10 tonnes of eels from the EU to China.

Raids in Greece and Spain have led to 17 individuals being arrested. Also, two tonnes of eels worth EUR 2. The Internet now plays a role in almost all digital crimes, and it remains debatable as to whether it is now beyond the capability of current law enforcement to police it effectively.

An analysis of cyber crimes and its abundance in the internet

In fact, one could almost place the problem of exacerbated levels of digital crime almost exclusively at the foot of the Internet and network technologies. Sep 10,  · issue; they provided the information in our cyber-crime survey; and they came to Washington to participate in our Summit and tell us what is hap-pening on the ground with respect to cybercrime.

An analysis of cyber crimes and its abundance in the internet

The Internet Crime Com-plaint Center (IC3), a joint effort by the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center, is the best. About Laura Bruck. Laura Bruck, VP Marketing at EZShield Fraud Protection Laura Bruck joined EZShield in February of , leading their marketing efforts and working with sales to develop partner solutions.

Prior to joining EZShield, Laura was the VP of Marketing for Raymond Geddes, Inc, a national novelty supply distributor where she ran marketing for the school store supply division and.

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the National Strategy for Cybersecurity in Vietnam Vu Quoc Khanh Director General. Outline Computer crimes: ATM & credit cards thieft, Mobile phone account robbery, Attack to Provide for the analysis of cyber attacks and vulnerability assessments; 3.

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